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When Ebury Bond asked me to write a testimonial, I was happy to do so. Since Ebury Bond have been looking after my home, I have been very pleased with their services. They take care of everything. I don’t have the time or the inclination to deal with plumbing emergencies or broken washing machines so I really appreciate the fact that whenever there is a problem, I can rely on Ebury Bond to deal with it quickly and efficiently. Usually, if I make one call to them in the morning, by the time I get home in the evening the problem is fixed. I would highly recommend Ebury Bond to anyone who needs a reliable and comprehensive property management service.


"I travel often on business knowing that I can rely on Ebury Bond to take care of my home and any problems that arise while I’m away really gives me peace of mind. I receive detailed monthly statements about work carried out and recommendations about issues that may require attention in the future. Work is always carried out to a high standard and I feel that my home is being looked after by people who genuinely care about it."


I was introduced to Ebury Bond in 2007. Since then my properties in London and Miami have been managed with minimal stress or disturbance. I can relax knowing that Ebury Bind will take care of everything I need quickly and efficiently.


"Ebury Bond has been managing my properties in London for over 3 years. They are fantastic and made my home automation installation as painless as possible."


The great thing about Ebury Bond is that they manage my home and its contractors and finally, all of my house problems are dealt with by one simple email.